As an experienced editor and marketing professional, I provide a variety of editorial, consultation, and submission services for artists, professionals, and individuals. 


Writing & editing



I provide writing and editing services, including professional copywriting and editing, literary editing, proofreading, and in-depth constructive feedback for individual poems and stories; critical, academic, and creative essays, articles, and reviews; professional copy for webpages, press releases, and/or blog posts; as well as chapbooks and/or full-length manuscripts in any genre.




I provide consultation services for any client requiring in-depth, constructive feedback for larger projects. Consultation includes one-on-one meetings in-person, over the phone, or via Skype, to discuss your individual pieces, as well as how your work demonstrates -- or could demonstrate -- a more cohesive aesthetic. 




As an experienced editor and submitter, I know where, when, and how to submit creative work. Functioning as an individual service or coupled with editing and/or consultation services, this resource includes the reading and batching of poems, stories, essays, etc.; researching of venues for potential publication; as well as digital and/or postage submission of creative work on your behalf.