"Kenneth Anger" in VINYL (forthcoming)

"Robert Mapplethorpe," "Lernean Hydra, Lakeside," and "Nemean Lion in the Nightclub," in Public Pool

"Bending Light in My Sister's Bedroom," in Foundry 

"Self-Portrait as Token [Offering]" in American Literary Review

"Still Arriving," "Planctus," and "Hotel Fantasia" in Tinderbox Poetry Journal

“Danse Macabre” & “Tunneling” in BLOOM

“Crematory Operator of the 21st Century Explains Burning Bodies for a Living” in Banango Street

“Self Portrait as Maenad” in Prelude

“Becoming Singular” & “Chopin’s Heart, I” in Sequestrum

“Sonnet for Mike Waters in ‘My Own Private Idaho” in The Boiler

“Afterimage” & “The Depot [Scaffolds]” in Gandy Dancer

“Portrait of My Father in My Mother’s Heels,” “The Depot,” “Commendable Sanity,” & “Self Portrait As Telegraph Operator,”  in Susquehanna Review