"Letters to the Little Emperor" in DIAGRAM

"Kenneth Anger" in VINYL 

"Robert Mapplethorpe," "Lernean Hydra, Lakeside," and "Nemean Lion in the Nightclub," in PUBLIC POOL

"Bending Light in My Sister's Bedroom," in Foundry 

"Self-Portrait as Token [Offering]" in American Literary Review

"Still Arriving," "Planctus," and "Hotel Fantasia" in Tinderbox Poetry Journal

“Danse Macabre” & “Tunneling” in BLOOM

“Crematory Operator of the 21st Century Explains Burning Bodies for a Living” in Banango Street

“Self Portrait as Maenad” in Prelude

“Becoming Singular” & “Chopin’s Heart, I” in Sequestrum

“Sonnet for Mike Waters in ‘My Own Private Idaho” in The Boiler

“Afterimage” & “The Depot [Scaffolds]” in Gandy Dancer

“Portrait of My Father in My Mother’s Heels,” “The Depot,” “Commendable Sanity,” & “Self Portrait As Telegraph Operator,”  in Susquehanna Review